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KOKO Medical Inc. is a medical device startup committed to saving the lives of mothers with innovative products that allow for rapid postpartum hemorrhage intervention.


Postpartum Hemorrhaging

If the uterine muscles do not contract sufficiently after childbirth (Uterine Atony), very heavy bleeding (postpartum hemorrhage) can occur. This can be life threatening. Post hemorrhage usually occurs within 24hrs of childbirth, with 80% caused by uterine atony. 

140.1M Births Worldwide in 2020

10.8% of women experience PPH during childbirth (15+M)

With a 1% fatality rate, 150,000+ women will die each year due to PPH

Other severe complications of PPH include adult respiratory distress syndrome, renal failure, coagulopathy, shock, myocardial ischemia, hysterectomy, and long-term morbidity such as anemia. 

The Solution

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The KOKO™ Device is a catheter-based technology that encourages uterine contractions while removing excess blood to stop postpartum hemorrhaging.   

Warning: KOKO Medical , Inc. is a development stage company and the KOKO™ system is not approved by the FDA

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About Us

Together, the team behind KOKO Medical shares over 80 years of successful Medical Device Development Experience.

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Leadership Team

Skott Greenhalgh, PhD

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer 

Michael Wallace

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer 

Cathy Unruh, MS

VP of Research & Development 

Jason Keiser, MBA

Co-Founder, VP of Operations 

Contact Us


Corporate Headquarters:

30 Three Tun Rd

Suite 1

Malvern, PA 19355​


Mailing Address:

50 Three Tun Rd

Suite 2

Malvern, PA 19355​

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