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A device that will help to detect the early stages of ovarian cancer, helping women for generations to come. 

The Hummingbird Device is a catheter-based technology that contains a unique fabric that easily grasps cells as it navigates through the tortuous fallopian tubes.  Used during a simple hysteroscopic procedure in the office, the Hummingbird device collects cells that can be tested for early cancer indicators.  The presence or absence of these indicators will allow for earlier treatment and reduce unnecessary fertility ending surgeries.

Hummingbird is for investigational use only and not for sale.
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Ovarian Cancer Statistics

~24% of women could be considered at high risk for ovarian cancer based on family history.1


~11% of women undergoing genetic       testing will be positive for a                   pathogenic cancer predisposition gene or a pathogenic variant of uncertain significance (VUS).2


In the US, ~22,000 women are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer each year.3  


90% of ovarian cancer diagnoses are high-grade serous ovarian cancers (HGSC), beginning in a fallopian tube and are responsible for 90% of ovarian cancer deaths.3 


About 4 out of 5 ovarian cancer patients are diagnosed with advanced disease that has spread throughout the abdominal cavity.2  


> 50% of women are diagnosed in late stages with survival rates of < 25%.4


Ovarian Cancer accounts for 14,000 deaths per year in the US and > 151,000 deaths worldwide.5

Ovarian Cancer: The Problem

Symptoms during an early stage of ovarian cancer may be minor or mistaken for a more common condition. There may even be no symptoms present until later stages. Current screening methods (CA-125 blood tests and Transvaginal Ultrasound) are unreliable and often find benign conditions or miss early cancers. 


Treatment for ovarian cancer involves surgery to remove the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries resulting in surgical menopause and infertility.  

 The Solution

Early detection is critical to saving lives but there are no accurate early ovarian cancer screening tools available, until Hummingbird.                                      

Image by Seth Abramczyk
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